Thursday, August 25, 2011

My summer in pictures

Here I am!
A 30 years old "girl"!
Can you believe it?
Hell yeah! the 22nd of august was my birthday ^_^
I still have to celebrate it because everyone was on holiday!
I spent it with my love and my cats by the way ;)
So,are you ready to see what i've done this summer?
Here we go!

As you can see my summer consisted in: love, friends, relax, sea, swimming pool... the best!!!
How was yours?
In the next blog post many new features and news ;)
So hope you'll come back :)
Love, Roberta


  1. Hellooo!!! I am gald you are blogging again! i've missed your posts! You know what? I've fallen in love with your dress, that white and pink one.. where's it from?? I wanted!!!
    I'm glad you summer was nice, min is over, too... will be working again soon... boooooo :(


  2. Happy big birthday! Mine's coming up soon too! Eek!

  3. Hallo!!!!! Happy Birthday again! I didn't know you were pregnant! You look so cute in that dress :)

    A big hug by Kiotta
    e auguri da susy

  4. you have 30, i can`t believe omg, i thing you are 23 or something...

  5. Happy Birthday! Eek mine is next week. I'm turning 29 and it feels like there is no way I could already be that old!

  6. I think you just might be my wardrobe soulmate!

  7. What a wonderful looking summer! <3 And your are so well dressed in every shot! Big congratulations on turning 30!

    Lost in the Haze

  8. Aw, happy (belated) birthday! And you definitely make me wish I still had bangs, yours look beautiful!


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