Monday, August 29, 2011

Boy or Girl.. Girl or Boy???

Hellooooooooooo ^_^
Friday Gianluca and I went (finally) at the ultrasound morphological!
We saw our baby dancing and doing ninja style pose XD too funny! It's amazing to see that little banana sized thing moving inside your tummy *_*
The doctor said everything was super fine aaaaand she told us the sex of the baby!
Are you curious?
Here we go!

Yesss! I can't believe it!
I'm going to have a little man all mine :D
Finally now that I know the sex I can start shopping!
I already made a wishlist on my computer ahahaah!
In september I have the 4D ultrasound *_* it's going to be the most amazing thing EVER!
In the next posts I'm going to talk about:

Plus, I want to do some features of cute shops or blogs, so if you're interested in talking about you and your shop/art/lifestyle on my blog, just email me at ^_^
Hope to update super soon!
Have a lovely monday


  1. Congrats, sweety! So happy for you

  2. congrats! boys are so cool to have around...always fun and keeps you on your toes! Glad to hear everything is going great!

  3. Che bello un maschietto, anche io ho un bimbo che ormai ha 1 anno e 1/2...ora sento solo di dolci attese di tante femminucce, ma il tuo è un BOY!! Tanti auguri per i tuoi 30, la tua pancia e i tuoi vestitini sono deliziosi!! Augurissimi per questa meravigliosa avventura, un abbraccio Kinà

  4. Awesome! Congrats! I love your blog ^_^

  5. just found your blog off of the dainty squid! I would love to follow each other, if you like my blog of course!



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