Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday favorites

Happy sunday everyone!!!!
Here we go with this week's

These printable to do lists! so kawaii!!
(via wildolive)
 I'm totally in love with these sunglasses! I'll buy some very soon!
This is such a cute necklace! I love the colors!
Ok THIS is the jewelry OF MY LIFE! NEED! NOW! HERE! on my septum!
This pretty dress is so perfect for spring!
 (via ModCloth)
This plush dool is so beautiful!
The cutest brooch on planet earth! need one! *_*
Let's talk about this onesie! Want one for Alessandro! :)
Hey hey this one is made by me! and I LOVE IT! you can find it in my shop!

Hope you're having a lovely sunday!


  1. aaaaaaaaah i vestiti modcloth aaaaaaaaaaah che orgasmi.

  2. Thank you for including me here!

  3. I love the nose girl would go ape over that!

  4. I am so in love with Tumbleweed glasses! They are just so adorable!

  5. Loving these picks, especially that fun necklace! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

  6. Some great picks! I love the tattooed art doll, his little mustache is adorable

  7. I love each item here! This dress is so dreamy <3

    BTW there's a vintage give away going gon, you might be interested :D


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