Friday, January 11, 2013

People I love - Miss Arianna

Hi everyone!
Here I am back again with one of my all time favorite!!!
Miss Arianna (Arianna Settembrino) is a professional tattoo artist! She works in her own studio called Skinwear Tattoo in Rimini (a town on the Adriatic Coast where I used to spend my summer holidays).
I used to see Arianna's works on many tatoo magazines and she was like "my hero" because
1. She's a woman (and I always support women who make cool things)
2. Her works are unique!

 Let me show you some of my favorite tattoos from Arianna

She puts a feminine touch that I really love!
I also love the way she mixes colors and the contrast between a light color and black parts!! She's able to make her art pops out!

I used to see Miss Arianna in tattoo conventions and I always was very fashinated about her professional skills... SO my boyfriend and I decided to take an appointment at her studio in Rimini and in June 2010 we went to Skinwear Tattoo Shop!
Let me tell you, this shop is AWESOME!
I had heart shaped eyes! So dreamy!

(this was my favorite place. A room with walls COVERED with stencils *_*)

The walls are covered with beautiful paintings!
Arianna came and showed us the designs of our tattoos! Gianluca and I were without words! 
We had our tattoos in two days! What can I say, we are SO proud to have such wonderful pieces of art on our skin!
 my tattoo to confirm my big love for the Goonies
Gianluca's tattoo

Arianna was super professional during the tattoos and also very very funny!
We had great time with her and her husband Andrea (who is the piercer of the shop)!

If you have the possibility to meet her (she usually works at Tattoo conventions in London, Paris, Brighton, Milan, Rome, Long Beach U.S.A., Geneva etc..) stop to her stand and say HI or just admire her works!

You can find Miss Arianna here:
- And her online shop where you can buy her prints like these
Thanx for reading, hope you liked it :)
Have an amazing friday!


  1. Lei spacca troppo.
    Bravissima all'ennesima potenza

  2. I love all the colors she uses! Amazing!


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