Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday favorites + brothers

So, here I am with some of my favorite things for this sunday!

This beautiful pillow with an amazing print!

Just the sweetest brooches *_*
(via pinkrain)

I think this cardigan would be PERFECT fot my little Alessandro Noel
(via minirodini)

I'd like to see this print every morning!
(via handz)

This pillow? well, let's talk about it! I just NEED it!
(via stilleben)

Geometric shapes cards? yes please!
(via loopzart)

I just want to show you the cutest picture from today!
Alessandro and Ciuski were making the same thing and they also have the same colors LOL!!!! BROTHERS!
My heart melted a bit!
So this was my sunday morning!
Have a lovely sunday night!

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