Saturday, September 03, 2011

Belly picture 22 weeks

Here we are, 22 weeks *_*
I still can't believe I'm pregnant from 22 weeks! I still remember the day I took this picture!
it was the day I discovered I was pregnant! or the day Gianluca took this one :°)
Oh my god, I remember everything! It was the first time I saw my little bean *_* I'm trying to do my best to remember every single moment of these months! Taking pictures, writing this blog etc... I also did the first page of my baby's diary with "A picture of us before you were born... as you had never seen us! ♥"
Hope you like it! ^_^ We bought TONS of cute stuffs for the baby already! I'll post pictures soon! Have a lovely weekendo xoxo Roberta


Thanx for your comment!! I read them all! :)