Saturday, August 06, 2011

August Break day 1

Hey friends!
First of all I want to show you the first picture of my august break!

Ok isn't that the CUTEST sweatshirt EVER?
*_* OMG I need it!!!!
I am so in love!
I promise I will take more pictures in the next days!
I also want to show you some pictures of last weekend *_*

This is one of my new favourite dress!
It's from Zara and it was suuper cheap! only 9,99 euros *_*
shoes are from H&M baby :D 10 euros
yayyy for cheap cute outfits!

One of the things that make me feel better during those HOT summer days is: ICE LOLLY! *_* OMG I am buying tons! ahahahha

Tomorrow I'm going on holiday (finally)! ^_^ yayyyyyyyyyy
I'll update the blog with tons of photos! ^_^
Have a great holiday too!


Thanx for your comment!! I read them all! :)