Saturday, April 23, 2011

New banner!

Hello lovely readers :)
How are you?
I don't know why but I'm happy! maybe because I have 3 days of holidays! yayy for Easter! Or maybe because I have a brand new banner on my blog! *_____* isn't it the cutest ever? ahahahh! My boyfriend did it for me! I'm so in love with it!
So, first of all I NEED to show you the present that my boyfriend bought to me for our 4th anniversary of love!
Look at this!

Now tell me, how lucky am I?I love every single dress! can't wait to wear them all (not all in once XD).
Oh man, I love my boyfriend!
I love spring, 'cause I can wear the cutest dresses!
Here are some of my outfits from the past few days!

Most of my clothes are from H&M, Zara and Pull & Bear in those pictures.
That green skirt from Zara is so so adorable! *_* I just fell in love the first time I saw it!
In this period I feel SO inspired! In fact, i sewed this suuuper kawaii zipper pouch!

What do you think? should I sew more of these? I think they're both useful and kawaii!
Here are some of my favourite things I saw on internet this week!

This sweet kitty

One of the cutest girl ever

Cutest scarf in the whole world! (wanna make me a present? there you go XD ahaha)

This picture (you can't imagine how much i love nautical stuffs)

This cute plush from one of my favourite artist of all the time, Danielleorama

This amazing post from Nonsolokawaii
Ok friends, time to go for me!
Can't wait to enjoy this Easter weekend! I'll spend it with my family ^_^ What are you going to do? Hope you'll have fun!
See you soon


  1. I feel so special!!<3

    Happy anniversary! your bf sure has good taste.
    and yes i love love the pouch, what do you think about putting some ears on the side, hmmm?

  2. uuuuh ma quei vestitini sono splendidissimi! il tuo ragazzo oltre ad avere ottimi gusti, ti regala non uno ma ben QUATTRO abiti fantastici?! che carino ^.^
    buone vacanze e buon anniversario!

  3. @Danielleorama awwwww you're right! with ears it can even be cuter than this!
    *__* thanx for the good advice ;) I will try!!! ^_^

  4. @songshu ihihihihi siiii hai visto che belloooo sono molto contentissimaaaaa!

  5. Luckyy you =)) They are very pretty dresses, I Like the 3rd one best =))
    The pouch is soo cute xxx

  6. @Deborah yeah! the 3rd dress is TO DIE FOR! *__*
    can't wait to wear them!

  7. sooo... will it be 5 dresses at your 5th anniversary??
    all the dresses, your pouch, and web-finds are cuuute!

  8. love all the dresses! you are lucky and well deserving of course! happy anny to you both!

  9. Very cute dresses! Have you seen this brand?

    I think you might like them

  10. @Claire awwwwwww what a cute shop! I love it! thanx for sharing ^_*

  11. splendidi *_* Ti prego fatti dire dove ha preso quello nero O_________O per favoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee รจ meraviglioso <3

  12. Your dresses are soooooo OH! My style, totally x

  13. This blog is perfect!
    I love all in this blog
    Roberta, good lucky for you and your boyfriend!
    I think the dresses are very beautiful
    **Sorry, I'm Brazilian and I speak a little english

  14. @Milla Milla thank you for your comment! ^_^ ps your english is great!!!

  15. @Milla Milla thank you for your comment! ^_^ ps your english is great!!!

  16. You have a lovely and inspiring blog!

  17. I love the new banner and your outfits are very cute!


Thanx for your comment!! I read them all! :)