Saturday, March 05, 2011

Zipper pouch, I love you!

Hey youuuuuuu! How are you?
Today was a GREAT day!
My sweet boyfriend was at work so I spent the day sewing, shopping, luch with girls and etsy update ^_^
The perfect girls saturday!
So this morning I sewed 2 zipper pouches and I'm really proud of them!!
Kawaii birthday cake zipper pouch

Kawaii ice cream zipper pouch

And this one is already SOLD *_*
If you like them! All you have to do is visit

I can't wait to sew more and more!!!
After my sewing morning I went in the center of my town for some shopping and look what I found!

It's an amazing plush from Kidrobot by Heidi Kenney
I'm totally in love! *_*
I ended the day by receiving a little package with inside.....
Girls you can't imagine how good the flavors are and how my lips are soft *__*

Yayyyy I am SO SO happyyy!
Ok, time to relax a little bit with my boy!
Have a lovely weekend!


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