Monday, March 28, 2011

Wanna cut your bangs?

No problem! Sophie from St. Vicious made a super cute tutorial!!!
Check this out! ;)

Cute ah? I love this girl! she's so talented!
Thank you Sophie for sharing this cute tutorial on your blog!

Talking about cute things, I want to show you some random pictures of my life lately ^_^
First of all, I'm so proud to show you this AMAZING piece of art that an amazing artist called Fabrizio Visone made of a picture of me!

A M A Z I N G!
Yesterday I took a picture of my super cute t-shirt ihihihihi

And look at what I saw today when I woke up *_*

Isn't this the cutest thing on earth? you tell me! :D
Aaaaaaaaaand what i wore mmmmm saturday? yes saturday ^_^

Super cheap dress from Tally Weijl
Belt: Terranova
T-shirt: Loungefly
(one of my favourite t-shirt).
Finally the kawaii punk tomato plush is up on my etsy!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!
A big hug to all my many many new readers ^_^


  1. Ok. So I have been wanting to cut my bangs. Thanks for posting this tutorial from Sophie St. Vicious. I am going to check it out. :) Love the pics. :) and stuff. Your blog is cute, fun, colorful! Glad I checked it out. Following.

  2. that art is perfect!! i love your kitty pictures loads <3

  3. troppo carino il pomodorino!!! :)

  4. Hi
    I Love ure blog and have become a follower =)
    Love the super-cute pictures and definitely will see the tutorial vid soon cos I need to do a diy trim asap haha
    Please do drop by my blog too =))

  5. thanks for sharing this vid I feel so honoured!

    wow that painting is amazing, & your tee is sooo sweet :)

  6. I'm back to blogging and I've miss you, Roberta!

    That is the cutest video! I always get the urge to cut my bangs and whenever I do, it's uneven and super super short. :/


  7. @AnnaDrai grazie Annaaaaaaaaaa sono troppo felice che ti piaccia! ^_^

  8. @Deborah Hi Deborah! Thank you for your comment! so happy you like my blog! I'm surely going to visit yours ;)

  9. @Hello Again Vintage yayyyyyyyyyy welcome back honey!!!! so happy to hear from you ;)
    Love you xoxo

  10. SEi la regina delle t-shirt kawaii XD Una piĆ¹ bella dell'altra!!

  11. Grazie per il tutorial :-) Molto utile :-)
    E molto bello anche il tuo negozio su etsy!!!

  12. @??? Okashi Lau uh che carina! grazie son contenta che ti piaccia il mio etsy ;)


Thanx for your comment!! I read them all! :)