Sunday, February 20, 2011

An amazing Weekend

Hey friends :)
So sorry for not posting this week but I was busy busy busy!
So, last week was crazy!!!
On thursday night I had an Expo' in this amazing place
It was really cute! there were lovely wooden trees and artists could put on their pieces of art!
There were stylists, illustrators and there was me ^_^ with my plushes!
Look at this!

My boyfriend was there with me and we had fun together ^_^

Friday was a great day 'cause my friend Melisser from THE URBAN HOUSEWIFE came to Torino (my town) to stay with us for the weekend!!!
I went to pick her up at the train station and went to my house!
My lovely boyfriend was cooking for us and we ate a lot of good vegan food ;P
Then we dress up and went to a ska show!

It was a fun night!
On saturday we wend around for the town and we ate yummy stuffs like these!

Ahahahahha Melisser is such a funny girl!
I think we're sisters!!
Sunday was an A M A Z I N G day!
We get up early in the morning (it was pretty much traumatic ahahha) and we travelled to Milano!
We arrived at 11.00 and we stayed in line out for 1 hour!
I had to get in at 12 because the appointment for my tattoo with the SUPER TALENTED VALERIE VARGAS was at 12 *_*
I arrived at Valerie stand at 12 o' clock and she was surprised 'cause I was in perfect time ^_^ ihihihihih
She showed me the drawing of the tattoo and I was SHOCKED!
I was like this :O
You know, I was sure the tatoo was going to be good...but that drawing was PERFECT!!!
I was so excited!
During the tattoo Valerie was super kind and really sweet!
We also talked a little bit!
She is a super fast tattoo artist!

I thought getting tattooed in a tattoo convention was stressful, but I have to admit it was fun 'cause I was really relaxed and people took tons of pictures of me and Valerie :)
It took two hours and then.... tadaaan A MASTERPIECE WAS ON MY SKIN!

I couldn't imagine that this tattoo was going to be a masterpiece!
I love it!!!! i could look at it all day ahahahahha!
Valerie was such a sweetheart! she was really kind to me!

It was an amazing experience!
After the tattoo I went around the convention and I met one of my favourite artist!
Sunny Buick!

If you still don't know her, you should definitely check out her tattoos!
She was so sweet to me!
I told her I always read her blog and that my nickname is Ladybastard and she said:
"Oh yeah, we're friends on flickr too!!"
ahahhahah I love her soooooooooooooo much!
So after the tattoo convention I had to say goodbye to my friend Melisser and my boyfriend and I came back home.
Aaaaaaand on Valentine's day, my sweet boy cooked for me a lovely dinner and he also did (with his hands) those sweet sweet Hello Kitty chocolates *__________*

Plus he bought me 3 cute momiji dolls *_*

That was the sweetest Valentine's day EVER! ^_^
Ok, time to go now, hope you enjoyed this post :)
Have a lovely sunday


  1. wow! that is one of the best weekends ever!!! i can't believe you got to meet sunny buick - i've been such a fan of her artwork! i love your plushies hanging on a tree, they look so happy there! a wicked tatt, and momiji dolls too! i wish you more amazing weekends like this, heck, even better ones! xoxo, carla

  2. ahahhaha oh thank you so much Carla ^_^
    yeah it was an amazing weekend *_*
    Sunny Buick is such an adorable girl! i love her!

  3. very nice...the new tattoo is fantastic, what terrific art :)

  4. I love those little dolls..LOVE LOVE!!! and that tattoo is adorable hun...precious!
    I love getting tattooed at conventions...I'm hoping that my Best friendie Channie is going to do it again this year and finished mine off!!

  5. very nice...the new tattoo is fantastic, what terrific art :)


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