Sunday, December 26, 2010

Momoko Plush Party pictures and...

That's right!
The party at Crim Shop was AMAZING!
I had so much fun and met a lot of friends!
Now some of my plushes have a family ^_^
Take a look at those pictures

Yesss I created a page for Momoko Plush right HERE
There's also another news!!

There are two new cute items on my Etsy Page!
One is this cute fluffy monster

And the other one is this Kawaii Bow Pin *_* with face

I feel so happy because i'm on holiday and i'm spending time with my boyfriend, family, friends and sewing machine ^_^
I'm planning to sew a LOT during those days!!!!!
Ok, hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
I did!Many cute presents and A LOT OF FOOD! ahahhaha!
Have a nice evening,


  1. Hello!!!!! I wish you a veeeeeeery Happy New Year!!!!!!


  2. that monster is so adorable! belated merry Christmas and a very happy 2011 to you!


Thanx for your comment!! I read them all! :)