Sunday, October 10, 2010


Hi everyone what's up? :)
I've been so busy those days! a lot of work to do in my office and in the evening i've been so so tired :s
so, no time for blogging!
well, many of you know I have two kitties :)
I'd like to let you know them better 'cause they are so different ^_^
ok, let's start from the beginning.
My boyfriend and i went to live together in june 2009 and the first thing i ever wanted was A CAT!!
we heard about a cat lady who found some abandoned kitties, so we went to meet her...
she took us to a room with inside like 10 lil kitties *__*
i was like in love with every little cat!
all they were meowing here and there!
the only thing i could say was: AWWWWWWWWWWW...OOOOOOOOOOOOH... UUUUUUUUH! all they were like 50 days old *___*
ahahahah! they were so adorable, but there was one, with blue eyes...and big ears...meowing at me so heart melted *__*
in that moment i fell in love with CIUSKI
the initial idea was to take 1 kitty... but I saw my boyfriend looking under a book case...there was a super scared lil kitty trying to hide from everyone...
that was the moment we found SHELLY!
my boyfriend had his eyes like this ♥_♥
he was saying: no, i won't leave without this kitty
ahahahah! so we took both of them!
it was the biginning of a family!
the first time we took them to their new house, ciuski was ok, but shelly was so scared of everything and everyone and she was always trying to hide from us!
my heart was so broken 'cause i always think about what she could have seen before she met us!

they became great friends from the beginning...
they were so so different! shelly is the opposite of ciuski!
Ciuski is a clown :D
he always wants to play and he makes you laugh A LOT
put your hands up in the air!
Shelly needs love, shelly is looking for cuddles and needs to feel safe
me and shelly
sweetest kitty  on bed
true love
They are like our children...we love them so so much *_*
This picture is so funny! my boyfriend was at home with our cats and I was at work.
Shelly went on the chair with my boy and she started to chat with me XD
She wrote
"kasm,,,,,,,,,,,,djcccgxbzvgdksyhgzajh" *_* so sweet
my kitty chat with me when i'm at work and she writes: kasm,,,,,,,,,,,,djcccgxbzvgdksyhgzajh  *_* so sweet
I can't imagine our house and our lives without those 2 little fluffy kitties.
they are so special and they give us so much love.
I'm happy you now know them better ^_^
Hope you liked this post.
Have a great sunday ^_^


  1. This made me all teary!!!
    firstly, because I can just imagine walking in and seeing all those cute babies, and falling in love, secondly, because you saved them, and you took the little shy one, and made a good home for her!
    and just because I can tell and know how much you love your cats, and that makes me smile, because i know they will/and do have the best life they can imagine in your little family!!

    and haha also, because your cats kinda remind me of annie and sui, one is super shy, the other isnt, total oposites, but best friends, awww.

    I love CIUSKY and SHELLY!! <3
    and their mum is awesome ;)

    end of gushing! hahah!

  2. Amazing. Your cats are so beautiful and so lucky that you found them. I like the part about your boyfriend looking all lovey eyed at Shelley and refusing to leave without her. Cute. Its wonderful that you decided to take these poor abandoned kittens into your home and welcome them as part of your family.

    So nice to meet them and hear their stories :)

    Take care xo

  3. Cutest story of mi vida! I love the photo of your cat fb chatting with you <3

  4. your cats are AWESOME!!! Soooo cute! i also have two cats and think its so much better since they always have someone to play with when your not home!!

    one is in a contest now,u can vote for him(he is furless hehe)

    thanks lady
    love your blog:)

  5. Ma sono troppo bellini!!!
    I <3 cats!!!

  6. Awww! So cute!
    Love all your tattoos!

  7. Cutest story of mi vida! I love the photo of your cat fb chatting with you <3


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