Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 12 and day 13 (late!!)

Ahahahahah hellooooooo!
So, first of all I want to say a big THANK YOU to all my followers!
OMG already 90 people is following my blog ^_^ you're so cute!
at 100 people I'm going to do a giveaway ^_^ hell yeah!
So today post is about:
Day 12 — Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 13 — A fictional book

Whatever tickles your fancy
In this period I'm so in love with those cutest teeth

Aren't they THE CUTEST EVER????
*__* AWWWW I LOVE THEM! I wanna have them as friends of mine :D
Ok here is A fictional book

Ok, i've never read the book, but i'm a big fan of the Gossip girl tv serie *-* aww i love it!
I'll write back very soon ;)
Love you


  1. The teeth are so cute. I loved the bathroom scene.

  2. li leggo i libri di Gossip Girl..e in lingua originale!! Infatti quando ho visto che ne avevano fatto una serie televisiva ero troppo felice XD
    E che dire dei dentini?? Suuuper cute!!

  3. ooh 90 congrats, i'm doing my 100 giveaway on my blog just now!!!! love the teeth.... so cute. have a great day xxx

  4. teeth = me! i make fake teeth for a living, did i tell you that? i love these my favorite is the one with the snail - so kawaii! happy wednesday! xo, carla

  5. those teeth are adorable! wow wow wow, so cute!!!

  6. awww those little teeth are adorable! i want some too lol

  7. *________* che amori!!!

  8. those teeth are so cuteee!
    and hells yes to Gossip Girl. I am so addicted to the tv series. like, for serious.

    your blog is so frickin' adorable!
    lovess. XO.

  9. Awe the teeth are too adorable! I love them!

  10. The teeth are so cute. I loved the bathroom scene.


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