Saturday, December 26, 2009

Yayyy finally holidays!

Hey you guys what's up?

I've been so busy in this period but finally now I AM ON HOLIDAYYYYYYYYYS!

I am so happy!

how was your Christmas?

mine was really cute!

I've been to my family to eat a lot of food and i received some really cute presents!

just like a set of hello kitty coffee mugs *_* and an hello kitty lamp aaaaand the wizard of oz special edition with 4 dvds OMG i love it!

My boyfriend's present still has to come... but i know what it is :D

ahahhahahah I'll show u soon! but it's something i really can't wait to receive!

sooo my first exhibition was so cool!

i can show you some pictures

HERE you can see the others :D

please visit my other blog!

Hope to post new stuffs soon!




  1. adoroooo questo segnalibrooooo....
    tantissimiii auguriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  2. Hi my dear!!! congrats SO MUCH on the exibition, it looks sooooooo cool!! my christmas was sweet and pink, I hope you are happy, I cant wait to see the present from your boyfriend, guess what, I got a huge, plastic owl, really beautifully made, from my boyfriend! I'll post a picture of it soon!
    KISSES from Tove, love you my friend**

  3. awww grazie mille!!

    TOVE my boyfriend gave me thins i need to start doing tattoos!
    and guess what!
    yesterday i tattooed him!!! *_*


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